About The Course

          B.Sc. Mathematics is an undergraduate academic degree awarded to those who successfully complete a program in mathematics and related disciplines, such as computer science or statistics. Minimum Eligibility for which is 10+2 from a recognized Board.

          BSC Mathematics syllabus focuses primarily on developing mathematical skills in algebra, calculus and data analysis. A Higher Secondary degree or equivalent is needed to pursue B.Sc. Maths. Upon graduating in this stream, one can pursue courses such as

  • M.sc. (Information Technology)
  • MBA
  • M.Sc.(Mathematics).

          B.sc. Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics is a culmination of in-depth knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, calculus and other theories. It also explores related topics like Computer Science and Statistics. This degree course helps students in building a good foundation base for pursuing higher studies. 

          B.Sc. Mathematics graduates can follow teaching profession by teaching in schools or opening their own coaching classes. B.Sc maths degree holders are also required in Banking and Business services, Government Jobs, Investment and Insurance among many other employment areas.